Tahoe Model Works

Freight Car Trucks for the Prototype Modeler


Order these fine HO scale freight car and caboose trucks directly from Tahoe Model Works using this handy PDF order form. Current prices are listed on the order form.

Print out the form, complete your order info, include payment, and send it directly to Tahoe Model Works.

TMW 101


50-ton Dalman 2-level trucks
(Includes user list)
TMW 102
50-ton Dalman 2-level trucks
w/ lateral motion detail
(Includes user list)
TMW 103
AC&F Archbar trucks
TMW 104
Bettendorf swing motion caboose trucks
(Includes user list)
TMW 105
Barber-Bettendorf swing motion caboose trucks
(Includes user list)
TMW 106
Buckeye ARA 50-ton trucks
TMW 107
Double Truss AAR 50-ton trucks
TMW 108
Coil-Elliptic 50-ton trucks
(Includes user list)
TMW 109
Barber lateral motion 50-ton trucks
TMW 110
ASF 70-ton A-3 trucks
TMW 111
5-foot wheelbase arch bar trucks
TMW 112
USRA 50-ton Andrews trucks
(Includes user list)
TMW 113
Barber S-2 50-ton trucks
(Includes user list)
TMW 114
40-ton ARA Trucks with Barber Lateral Motion Detail
(Includes user list)
TMW 115
40-ton ARA Trucks
(Includes user list)
TMW 016

Northern Pacific 40-Ton
T-Section Andrews Trucks
(Includes user list)

These special trucks are now available through the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association Company Store.


Use this handy PDF order form to order your Tahoe Model Works trucks!


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